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Prefab Walls & Millwork

In order to build spaces that can easily and speedily be adapted for lab use, many property developers are using prefab components to construct the baseline, mechanical infrastructure (think: heating, cooling, electrical, medical vacuum, medical gas access etc.) of a building. When life sciences tenants take on a space, the key components they require to design and set up their specific “wet lab” are already available within the walls and ceilings — they can just modularly connect to that existing system.

Digital Component Construction is "Conventional Construction on Steroids."

Falkbuilt uses proven construction methods to build beautiful, high-performing and cost-effective environments. Digital Component Construction is completely aligned with how trades are used to building onsite, but with 1/4 the schedule. And, our Revit-based end-to-end technology works with architectural and design communities.

Steel is stronger, which means we can build higher (deck-to-deck). Steel also allows for industrial and warehouse builds such as distribution and data centers, retail and more.

Sustainability is at the core, using less material, reducing emissions and virtually no waste on site. Digital components are designed for disassembly, so wall systems can be easily reconfigured on site or recycled at the end of a lifecycle.

Manage rapid industry growth with prefabricated infrastructure

Now more than ever is the time to choose responsible solutions when building walls to delineate space. The list of benefits for off-site construction was long before the pandemic and the reasons have become even stronger.

As organizations transform and build the resilience needed
to navigate change, supporting a new level of flexibility and adaptability has never been more important. Creating a dynamic workplace that is responsive to the changing needs of businesses, teams, and people should be solved with a range of furniture, architecture, and technology for a new era of work.