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digitizing interior construction

Digital component construction is "conventional construction on steroids"

Digital Component Construction is a construction method that builds beautiful, high-performing, and cost-effective environments using proven construction techniques. It is similar to conventional construction, but with an accelerated schedule that is four times faster. Our end-to-end technology is based on Revit, which works seamlessly with architectural and design communities. Falkbuilt is committed to using this innovative approach to building, which is aligned with the way trades are used to constructing onsite.

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key differences

    • Components are precision manufactured with adjustability built-in, and can be installed before the ceiling goes in onsite.
    • Glass Walls: Locally sourced glass per specification; anodized, powder-coated, and textured Falkskin finishes available. 
    • Solid walls: Super Studs provide 3” adjustability. Cladding covered in hermetically sealed Falkskin that is cleanable with industrial-grade disinfectants. 
    • Doors: You specify it, we can do it! Soft-close, drop seals, and virtually any hardware required are available.


From hospitals to law firms and everything in-between, versatile spaces should adapt to meet the needs of teams large and small. Falkbuilt operable walls deliver unparalleled flexibility in dividing or opening up spaces for collaboration. A commitment to quality ensures a precision-engineered, perfect fit, and high-performance acoustic seals create truly divided spaces.


It wouldn’t be Falkbuilt if it wasn’t fast. Operable walls arrive onsite in as little as 10 weeks—the fastest lead time in the industry. Learn more >

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Digital component construction uses less material, reduces emissions in manufacturing and freight, and virtually eliminates waste onsite. Digital components are designed for disassembly, this means that wall systems can be reconfigured onsite or recycled at the end of the lifecycle.

with falkbuilt you can count on:

    • smaller carbon footprint
    • reduced freight
    • fewer materials
    • reduced waste onsite
    • designed for disassembly
    • recyclable materials

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