the floorz certified program

Floorz offers an exclusive certification program to chosen and trusted subcontractor partners. The purpose of this program is to fully assess subcontracted installers' abilities before inviting them to work on our client’s projects.

This program allows the Floorz team to evaluate where the installers’ skill sets lay and ensure that we’re setting both the subcontractor and Floorz up for successful project completion and an exceptional service experience. Additionally, the Floorz Certified program provides insight into the installation workforce's strengths and weaknesses, enabling insights to further build upon future training and education programs.

certification process overview 


Each participant is given a small module space to install with installation materials and a detailed installation plan.

Each participant is then asked to install prep materials (skim coat), carpet tile, LVT, rubber base, transitions, and heat-welded flash cove sheet vinyl.

The certification test involves strategic installation and challenges to keep participants on their toes and put their due diligence to the test.

Successful participants are then granted “Floorz Certified Installer” status and are the preferred installation partners for Floorz projects.

Thank you to all who have participated in the program.  We are proud to offer trusted, certified installation partners that provide exceptional service experiences for our clients.