Floorz Certified_Sticker-FINAL

the floorz certified program

Meticulous floor preparation is a crucial step that paves the way for quality and safety. This process entails a thorough review of project specifications, allowing for the proactive identification and early resolution of potential issues.

Through our commitment to certified craftsmanship, Floorz places a strong emphasis on quality assurance through training and education. Our newly established Floorz Certified Install Program is designed to enhance the skills and expertise of our subcontractor partners, setting them on a path to success. Only those who meet our stringent criteria receive a specialized certificate of completion tailored to the type of flooring they specialize in.

certification process overview 

The education starts in a classroom setting, guided by industry specialists guiding our subcontractors with key insights

Each installer is given a module space to install with specific materials and a detailed installation plan

The certification test involves strategic installation and challenges to keep participants on their toes and put their due diligence to the test

Successful participants are then granted “Floorz Certified Installer” status and are the preferred installation partners for Floorz projects


Thank you to all who have participated in the program.  We are proud to offer trusted, certified installation partners that provide exceptional service experiences for our clients.