Janus Henderson

Janus Henderson is a British global asset management. It offers a range of financial products to individuals, intermediary advisors and institutional investors.

Slate provided a total of 753 workstations for the headquarters lcaotion, with one floor being a community center. Installation was phased by floor over a 12-month period. The product installed utilized Steelcase Answer panels, adjustable height tables, Universal components, shuffleboard, patio furniture, phone rooms, and open collaboration areas.

It took 3 months and multiple mockups to develop the typical that would be perfect for each user. We recently installed the swing space that the employees use as we renovate each floor. The installation has gone well due to the work of the major projects team at Steelcase and Slate’ coordination by an Executive Project Manager and Furniture Installation Manager. We attend all construction meetings and work closely with the Janus team to complete floors on time.

3d-identity developed a comprehensive multi-level experiential design and branding package for Janus Henderson’s Denver office including ADA signage and wayfinding that married simple branded elements with placemaking differentiators. The team also crafted a Colorado 14’er wood-slat wall that doubles as a challenge display for employees where they can mark which 14’ers they have conquered and a custom Janus-branded USGS marker.

Project Partners

Tryba Architects