built environments
shouldn’t be static 

With DIRTT, we build dynamic spaces that adapt and evolve in response to changing needs. We translate unique visions into compelling spaces where people collaborate, socialize, learn, and heal.

By choosing DIRTT, you can speed up your construction timelines by up to 30%. DIRTT empowers faster decision-making, rapid manufacturing, and efficient installation processes, ensuring that your project is completed quickly and you're in business faster.

dirtt construction system | the details


industrialized construction

It’s a building system that combines innovative processes and technologies, allowing solutions to be designed, organized, configured, and manufactured off-site, with final assembly completed at the job site.

It’s projected that by 2035, most buildings will be constructed using industrialized construction. And it’s no surprise. Taking value beyond the limitations of prefab and modular construction, it offers unrivaled design freedom, accuracy, and quality assurance with total certainty in cost, schedule, and outcomes.


modular vs prefab construction

DIRTT brings together the best of prefabricated construction and modular construction without limits on choice, options, customization, or quality. DIRTT components are manufactured off-site, providing the speed and precision of prefab construction.

All elements of your DIRTT space are fully configured and tailored to the unique needs of the project. Taking things further, DIRTT components are also interchangeable through a universal interface, giving them a modular nature and ease of reconfiguration and adaptability.


achieving green building standards

As a leader in the industry, DIRTT places sustainable construction at the core of everything we do. It’s the way we deliver our interior construction products and services. Leveraging industrialized construction and lean manufacturing, we’re building spaces that use less raw material and generate less waste.

The adaptable nature of our modular products ensures we offer custom construction that supports green building certification. With DIRTT, our clients are building for tomorrow using agile components backed by a 10-year warranty, and a commitment to non-obsolescence. Learn more about DIRTT's sustainability here.