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Supporting students and educators with spaces that promote successful learning through connection, wellness, innovation and engagement.


We specialize in empowering higher-education institutions and communities to thrive through innovative solutions that enhance learning experiences and promote accessible education beyond traditional classroom boundaries.

At Elements, we are dedicated to being an invaluable resource in crafting optimized learning environments. Our expertise allows us to navigate the intricacies of educational projects, ensuring top-notch quality tailored to any budget.

In collaboration with our trusted manufacturers, we stay attuned to the evolving landscape of teaching and learning, striving to create smarter, more dynamic environments that support educational goals.

Operating across multiple studios unified under one ownership structure, Elements serves as a premier subcontractor, offering an extensive product portfolio and a wide range of solutions through our team of subject matter experts.



Promote active learning. 

Slate is your go-to advisor for classroom and higher-education furnishing needs, from lecture halls to labs. We ensure your project aligns with your vision, offering insights to enhance learning experiences. Our meticulously crafted solutions prioritize student and faculty comfort, fostering collaboration and creativity while empowering educators to excel.

Picture an educational future centered around personalized learning experiences. A future where technology seamlessly integrates and learning environments are adaptable to diverse needs. Our solutions are meticulously crafted to ensure students and faculty feel secure, comforted, and supported. Our goal is to empower educators to excel in their roles and recharge, enabling them to continually inspire and educate.


wayfinding + spirit

Provide inspiring spaces.

In an atmosphere hungry for inspiration, innovation, and connection, 3d-identity delves into the essence of educational institutions, embracing your story, vision, and aspirations. 3d-identity is dedicated to enriching the human experience, fostering school spirit and accessibility through clear, concise wayfinding and signage solutions.

When taking on a new project, 3d-identity guides you through the journey of Discover, Design, and Deliver, a process that embodies their very name. The diverse and creatively curious team approaches each project with fresh perspectives, providing wall graphics, art installations, wayfinding, signage, and more.


window coverings

Maximize learning capacity. 

In addition to prefabricated construction, Constructive specializes in crafting the perfect window coverings for academic settings. Our automated solar solutions are tailored to enhance daylight and views for occupants by adjusting shades to minimize glare while maximizing natural light exposure.

Natural light plays a crucial role in regulating circadian rhythms, impacting aspects from sleep to metabolism. With people spending the majority of their time indoors, the built environment needs to provide adequate circadian stimulation. Constructive can optimize the natural light in your educational environment, enhancing the well-being of both students and staff.


multitrade prefabricated construction

Smart, flexible, and fast learning spaces. 

With our prefabricated construction studio, Constructive, you can design stunning, adaptable classroom environments. Modular walls offer flexibility to meet current demands and plan for the future. Prefabricated construction can reduce timelines by up to 30%, enabling you to keep pace with the fast-evolving educational landscape.

Constructive empowers you to construct superior educational spaces efficiently and sustainably. Whether it's classrooms or administrative offices, we address all your educational space requirements while enhancing timelines, streamlining maintenance, and providing flexibility for reconfiguration without disruption.


floor coverings + cleaning

The foundation for accessibility. 

We leverage floor coverings to help visitors swiftly navigate educational spaces. Incorporating subtle cues like flooring transitions and color blocking, we craft an intuitive wayfinding system tailored to educational environments.

Floorz houses a proficient team of floor covering specialists. Through partnerships with leading flooring manufacturers worldwide, we offer exceptional value and a diverse range of flooring solutions designed to meet the unique needs of educational facilities.


The power of one

As placemakers, our structure consists of multiple studios with specific and interrelated expertise within the built environment. We understand that your business and project requirements are unique and thus require a partner to offer a wide array of expertise. We have the people, structure, and solutions to provide that value. Early and consistent collaboration between you and your project consultants, including the project manager, general contractor, architect/interior designer, and placemaking team, creates the most impactful end result for your business to thrive. Our satisfaction comes through your success.

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Laura holds 30 years of industry experience. She entered the industry with a design background, leading a team for over 15 years as Design Director. As a Senior Account Executive for the past 15 years, her design passion has helped her to successfully translate her client’s vision into reality, on-time, and within budget. Laura’s ability to adapt to execution challenges, industry knowledge and experience allow her to help clients achieve efficient and functional education environments.


Julia is the Business Development Director for Education. She has been with Elements for eight years supporting clients with their needs to inspire and create functional spaces. Julia is responsible for overseeing opportunities across all studio offerings. She is passionate about creating spaces that are meaningful, inspiring and bring people together.

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